Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on once a bandwidth costly silence

Lovely, the tinged of anger in this wanting window
a dash of sadness, a kind of loathing in a tide of longing
so beautiful it's revolting
this technology, this mapping of brain activities that causes pain & sugar rushes
a sprinkled gladness that I still have this ability to choose over these luxury of feelings
not just the ability in accepting or denying them.
Numbness now seems like a cheap way to cope with the inability to bare
the grandeur of calibrated LED spectrum in radiating emotions
the narrowness of 15" screen, of beings, of fear, of binary answers
and most of all the fear of falling in it

But dear, triumph is falling to fly
in anger, desire, fear, loathing or longing unplugged
so bring it on and bring them home

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