Saturday, November 20, 2004

A feather drifts among the skylines (1)

Once I found myself died in a room with a window.
It was like a dream that shatters as it falls in mute
or just simply the drips of lucid conscience
slowly soaks my blanket with silence.

a crescent glow came from the swaying ivory curtain.
It was so distant of us. An I and I who had never promise
to found each other’s might in such deep night

For once I have fallen to wake up
to meet this splendouring solist of the window.
Surrenderring its darkness to the weakest dim of lights.
I thought It was the guerillas of the sky outside
they'd move a second with a thousand paces
tinting my walls all four.

The next day, I’d set my alarm clock to wake me up
every hour of the night
to once again found myself
died by a window's aglow