Tuesday, May 06, 2003

cascading through a piece of kiss

:T.S. Pinang

cascading the upstreaming midnight
where caresses winged along these frozen floors
rivering under a pair of lunar roofs

such reminiscence pieces
of both our torn beats
in flows that stay still in each helpless breath
enframed subtly on these moisten lips

cascading the dripping tenderness of silence
in the sound of thundered clouds upon my breasts
off the lofty passion cliffs in their absence
rushing to the longing jaws of our wilderness chambers

hostaging each shred of moments
to bare the strains of our falling hairs
before dreams come tiding high
stealing such longing nights that we roused

there aren't many nights alight, my dear
with such trembling desire flights
as we are sighting for the emptied darkness
come to the solely bright

within our weary harbours
of a far adrifting embrace